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Return of toys of proper quality

According to the "Rules for the sale of goods by remote means", you have the right to refuse the goods at any time before it is transferred, and after the purchase - within 7 days.
In this case, the product should retain its product appearance and consumer properties. Return / exchange of goods of the proper quality takes place in our office. Delivery to the office is made by the buyer.

Return of toys of improper quality

First, call us and describe in detail what's bothering you. We will try to offer you a mutually beneficial solution to this problem.
If the proposed option does not suit you, then according to the "Rules for the sale of goods by remote means", the order of actions in this case will be as follows: the buyer returns the goods himself, and if the goods are inadequate in accordance with the results of the examination, we will reimburse the costs of forwarding the goods , as well as the cost of the goods themselves.
All the necessary contact information for contacting us you can find in the relevant section.

The Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights"




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