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Модели VW Kinsmart

Volkswagen Beetle масштабная модель

Надежный магазин

How to buy?

How to buy?

  1. Decide what exactly you want to buy. Add to cart.
  2. Go to the basket to check the order. We remind you that the minimum order amount is 1000 rubles. If the order amount is less, the system will not let you place an order. Attention! If you are not registered yet, be sure to register - you will receive a 2% discount. More about discounts. On the registration page you need to fill in only 4 fields: name, e-mail address, password (at least 6 symbols that you must come up with yourself) and repeat the password (the one you came up with in the previous field)
  3. Now that the order has been verified, it can be processed. Fields marked with * are required.
  4. Delivery.
  5. Payment.
  6. Option with invoicing for legal entities. persons should be selected only if you are a representative of a legal entity or an IP in Russia and payment will be made from the bank account.
  7. Dear buyers, we are open to dialogue: if you are not suitable for any method of payment, call the contact numbers and we will agree!
  8. That's all! Congratulations on your purchase!



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