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For wholesalers


In order to buy toys in bulk, you need:

1. Register on the registration page.
2. Send an email to privet@child-in-time.ru with the phone number or e-mail address to which registration was made; and also attach the requisites of the organization to which the purchase will be made.
3. After a while you will receive a letter on the e-mail with a notification of connection to wholesale prices.
4. Go to the site and log in on this page. After that, go to the store and type the order (pressing the "Buy" button, you collect all the goods you are interested in). When you collect the order, you can adjust its composition and quantity for each item in the basket.
5. The first order must be at least 20,000 rubles. After placing an order, the store manager will contact you and agree the date and time of delivery.
6. Shop at our store and increase your discount! Discount of wholesale customers is calculated from wholesale prices! Discount is attached for you forever! To get acquainted with the system of discounts.
7. An XML file with pictures and basic wholesale prices is located here.





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