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Helicopters with remote control

Helicopters on the radio control were always interesting, but this ugrashka gained wide popularity after they massively began to do with the gyro (Gyro). The introduction of a gyroscope in the design of helicopters made it possible to make the flight stable, and control accurate. Now even the smallest pilots can deal with this undoubtedly fascinating toy and enjoy flying at home or on the street. In order to pick up a helicopter, you must first answer for yourself a few questions.

Where are you going to play, on the street or at home?
At home you should not use a helicopter if its length exceeds 30 cm. In the street it is not necessary to run the toy in a strong wind. If the size of the helicopter is less than 30 cm, then even a weak breeze will disturb its trajectory.
Please note that helicopters with IR control are suitable only for playing at home, because the sun will interrupt the signal and the helicopter will lose contact with you with the first ray of the sun.


How old is the pilot, how experienced is he?
Remember that the larger the helicopter, the harder it is to manage. We strongly advise buying a large, heaped up helicopter for a child, if he already has the experience of controlling the helicopter. It is not uncommon for a new pilot to break a toy. Therefore, carefully read the instructions and count your strengths and skills!

What material should be a helicopter?
Of course, it is always better if the toy is stronger and more durable. These requirements are met by helicopters with an aluminum frame. But it happens that the child wants a certain coloring, for example, military. In addition, plastic helicopters are easier, and therefore require less energy to fly.

What other properties should a toy have?
Now there are a lot of types of helicopters on the radio control and there are all new ones. With video cameras, helicopter cars, designers, UFOs, helicopter fight, there are shooting helicopters and many more!












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