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Robot on the remote control

Our robots on the control panel are able to surprise everyone! After all, they incorporate a huge functionality in combination with a number of features:

Fulfill all orders!
- Sound sensors that react to any sounds, which means that the robot hears your voice, executes commands and goes to your meeting. The robot can stand anywhere, and when you clap your hands, it will immediately come to you, reacting to the sound.

Everything sees, knows everything
- The robot independently bypasses obstacles that will be caught in its path by means of built-in motion sensors and video cameras, through which it sees everything that is happening around.

A very clever robot
- Robots remember several dozen teams. Program the robot and obediently obeys all your orders. - When moving, the robot takes realistic poses and creates the impression that it is alive. Thanks to these moments the child comes to a stunning delight from the toy and considers him his real electronic friend!

Collect and play
- There are robotic constructors. They can be easily assembled by yourself with an intuitive instruction. Thanks to this feature, the kid develops a small motor skills of fingers and sleight of hand.

This toy will surprise both the child and the adult!
Radio-controlled robots are able to usefully spend time and diversify the game of your baby. When playing with our interactive robots, the child improves his logical thinking, and the game activity is greatly improved so that the kid begins to understand the concepts of cause and effect!

To each robot you will find a complete objective description, real photos and video - this will facilitate the selection of the optimal in terms of functionality and appearance of the model.

We guarantee that our interactive toys on the control panel will cause genuine interest and surprise everyone with their capabilities!

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