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Engineering is the art of transforming materials and forces of nature. In the title ENGINO the first letters are taken from the English word "engineer" (engineer) to honor the important quality inherent in a person from birth, allowing us to perform amazing technical feats. Our children also possess this quality, and when they play inventors, they learn how to apply it. Costas Sisamos, a former teacher and engineer, invented the ENGINO constructor to help his students develop imagination and easily create mechanical models, and experiment and learn new things about science and technology in the game. Innovation product research, launched around the world in 2007 and lasting three years, has become a reality thanks to research grants from the Cyprus and EU funds.

Since then, the company has developed many different parts with special locking connections: gears, blocks, motors and solar panels; and also created a series of workbooks and computer programs that help children work with technology and learn by playing. The main advantage of the ENGINO system is that it allows the kids to easily and quickly collect both simple and complex models using only a few components.

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